For the cowboys and cowgirls of the modern days: Why be a soft wind when you can be a Hurricane?

Hurricane is a 100% Portuguese hand-made hat brand founded by Tânia Senra and Francisco Faria with the idea of creating something disruptive that they couldn’t find in the market.

All hats are designed by the founders and hand-produced by local artisans using locally sourced natural and biodegradable wool.

Great attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship are the key elements that ensure the high quality and perfect touch of each hat.




Hurricane has just started and is already a favourite for worldwide fashionistas.

Discover our selection of Hurricane Hats HERE.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

House of Curated is the perfect destination to find undiscovered and independent brands from all over the World. Here you can find not only clothing but also accessories, jewellery, sportswear, homeware and art pieces.

The brands available at our House don’t follow any specific rule or criteria. There are only three features every brand at House of Curated needs to fulfill: originality, exclusivity and quality. Everything else is secondary: it doesn’t matter where it is from or what category it fits, there’s room for all.

Originality means that you won’t find at our House pieces that resemble something you have seen before. Every piece is special and different from what you usually find.


Exclusivity is that amazing feeling of not crossing paths with someone dressed exactly like you everywhere you go. This happens because every design we sell is originally produced in low quantities which means that there are only a few units worldwide. On top of that, the stock we get to our House is even lower than the total production.


Quality, over quantity, is a common attribute of independent brands. At House of Curated you can find high quality pieces made of prime raw materials, locally produced with major attention to detail to make sure your item arrives to you in perfect condition and lasts for a long time.

These three aspects are at the core of our business which means that all our brands are part of the slow fashion movement, taking time to enjoy the design process, producing in a small scale and using locally sourced raw materials.


Slow fashion brands, in contrast to fast fashion, respect the seasonal calendar. Therefore, at our store*, you will always find summer pieces during the hot season and winter pieces during the cold season. We won’t rush things up like common fast fashion retailers do. Our brands work under a slow process which we respect and appraise.


Additionally, you won’t find sale periods quite often since it is important for us to preserve the value of each piece which represents the work and creative process behind it. Any type of sale lead at our House is a small treat to our clients, so make sure you don’t miss it!

*Our website will always sell every item available in store, regardless of the current weather in Lisbon. As you know, we ship worldwide and it is always Summer somewhere!



Born in Colombia, AGUEL is a ready-to-wear resort brand built upon
sustainable and ethical values.




PERIGO is a Brazilian brand from Rio de Janeiro that takes the unpretentiousness and coolness of the city and translates them into clothes. 

Leo Muqui and Pedro Igor Alcantara are the men behind PERIGO. Leo is a stylist from Rio who has been working in fashion for the past 20 years and Pedro Igor is a creative and strategic person, specialised in storytelling and partner in the agency Arara. Longtime friends decided to become partners in 2018 and, inspired by Rio's bossa, deconstructed the common use of linen by transforming it into streetwear looks. 



The duo's fifth collection is called UTOPIA and takes us well beyond the time-space moment that we live in.

A crew of explorers are searching for new paradises. Their gigantic spaceship carries a living botanical museum, the most precious reminder of the planet they’ve left behind. In their new horizon everything is used as inspiration for the prints created by the sisters Camila and Marcela Levy: red beaches on extraterrestrial islands inspire the “Hawaii Intergaláctico” print and a spaceship rescuing a giant octopus from Earth composes the “Paraíso Sideral” print. The space chart is represented by pieces in lime green, navy blue and magenta. The collection is 100% made in linen, matching the brand's DNA.


Shop all PERIGO's clothes HERE

DISCOVER OUR BRANDS: C.R.T.D I  house-of-curated


C.R.T.D is our first in-house brand. Created in 2017 by one of our founders - Miguel - its pieces bring that special touch of joy and freedom every closet needs.