Sous is a Portuguese brand founded by Mariana Sousa in Madeira Island, her hometown, with the aim of creating unique and authenticH handmade pieces by using ancestral techniques and distinctive fabrics.

Mariana was born in between fabrics and since an early age she knew that fashion was meant to be part of her life. Her grandmother was an embroiderer, and her mother and aunts are all dressmakers.


All Sous’ pieces are produced by women: her mother, her grandmother that makes some of the Madeira embroidery pieces and local artisans that use knitting, crochet and embroidering artisanal techniques and original fabrics such as ground flax linen. 

The fabrics used to make each garment are usually from Mariana’s travels abroad but there are also some collected from dead stocks that pop up on the way.

Sous I House of Curated

Mariana’s creations are easily adaptable from a more classical to a more casual style. The inspiration behind Sous is a mix of the designer’s daily routine and the beautiful nature of Madeira Island.

Sous’ newest collection “Uma Pequena Luz” has just dropped, and you can find some of the exclusive pieces HERE or in our store.

February 17, 2022