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"In the name of diversity, beauty and heritage”

Born in Colombia, AGUEL is a ready-to-wear resort brand built upon sustainable and ethical values.

AGUEL's essence is defined by the use of traditional artisanal expertise applied to universal essentials with the purpose of creating a modern approach to ancestral craft. The aesthetic is natural and effortless, nurturing elegance and sobriety rather than ostentation.

Latin America is AGUEL's source of inspiration. From dense and abundant natural landscapes to magical cities such as Cartagena and Havana, its garments are made to be lived in and connect with nature, to celebrate in tropical climates, dance barefoot in the sand and to always highlight the natural beauty of its wearer.

The brand also takes a step forward in creating a positive balance with the goal of minimising the environmental footprint by using only ethically source fibers and improving its social impact by working with local artisans.

The Designer and Artistic Director behind the brand is Miguel Aguel, a Colombian raised in a family of Arab and South American roots. Since a young age he acquired a special taste for Colombia's artisanal craftsmanship and heritage. 


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September 16, 2021