For the cowboys and cowgirls of the modern days: Why be a soft wind when you can be a Hurricane?

Hurricane is a 100% Portuguese handmade hat brand founded by Tânia Senra and Francisco Faria with the idea of creating something disruptive that they couldn’t find in the market.

All hats are designed by the founders and hand-produced by local artisans using locally sourced natural and biodegradable wool.

Great attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship are the key elements that ensure the high quality and perfect touch of each hat.

Hurricane was one of the first brands to join our House and is also one of the best sellers. Working with Tânia and Francisco has been a pleasure since day one so we decided it was time to interview them for you to get to know them and their brand a bit better.


  1. How did you meet?

Francisco: We had some people in common, but I reached out to Tânia to wee if we could create something together, and we started our business on the exact day we met in person for the first time. We instinctively felt we could trust each other, share the same vision and had complimentary skills.


  1. When did you come up with the idea of creating a Hat brand?

As hat lovers, we’ve realized that there wasn’t any brand in Portugal that could be cool, wearable, fashion forward and respecting the Portuguese hat heritage in a sustainable way, all at the same time. Our goal when we started Hurricane was to bring the classic millinery to the the contemporary world of fashion, art, music, and sports. All while respecting the Portuguese hat industry legacy. We’re super proud to produce our hats with local Portuguese artisans.


  1. Why did you call it Hurricane?

Tânia choose the name and it felt like the perfect match to our brand personality as it is strong and disruptive

After all, why be a soft wind when you can be a Hurricane?

Just a small curiosity: all of our models have names of hurricanes.


  1. How would you describe Hurricane in 3 words?

Disruptive, cool and headwearable (we created this word)


  1. How is your creative process?

We’re always looking for new ideas, we do a lot of research and we’re always testing new shapes, colors and brims. We share a similar taste so testing new products together is a very natural process for us.


  1. Who is your biggest inspiration?

We can’t choose only one but we can relate our brand with Cher, Mr. Ralph Lauren and Harry Styles, just to name a few.


  1. Who would you love to see wearing a Hurricane hat?

Can we say the names above?


  1. What’s the next goal you want to achieve?

Right now we think we should focus on the company structure and grow our team and our office. We want to start from here while expanding our business worldwide and sky will be the limit :)


  1. What are you currently fascinated by?

We always get genuinely happy when we read our clients’ feedback about the hats. Also, the feeling of seeing people in the street wearing our hats or even the beautiful content our clients create with our products all over the world really keep us motivated to do more and better.

Hurricane has just started and is already a favourite for worldwide fashionistas.

Discover our selection of Hurricane Hats HERE.

January 31, 2023