The Last is a slow fashion, high quality contemporary clothes and accessories brand from Perú, founded by Camila Basurco.

Camila Basurco The Last

Camila is the Creative Director behind the brand, but also works as a Fashion Consultant and Content Creator. She was born in 1994 in Lima, Peru, and demonstrated her keen interest for fashion, art and history since an early age and decided to move to Milan to study Fashion Business at Istituto Marangoni.

After 7 years living in Milan, where she worked and collaborated with different recognized fashion brands, she decided to continue doing consultancy by her own through her agency, CBT Creative in which she works with clients in the art, fashion and food industry in Latin America, Europe and Asia (Hong Kong, Shanghai).

As big fans of The Last, we were curious to know more about the brand and its founder and decided to do a small interview and get to know Camila Basurco a bit more.


1. When and why did you decide to create The Last?

The Last was my thesis Project in Istituto Marangoni and it has always been my side project. I’ve re-launched it in December 2020.


2. How would you describe The Last in 3 words?

Timeless – Handcrafted – Latin Spirit


3. Why did you choose the name “The Last”?

It was the name I gave to my “last project” while I was studying, now we play with the name and created a “Lifestyle Brand” using The Last to promote different projects:

  • Lifestyle Brand: A space that inspires, shares and promotes creative stories around the world. Showcasing projects and passions of friends, artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs. Each week a new chapter is published and in the past editions we were joined by: De la Villa Studio and Katira Living.
  • The Last Playlist: Playlists created by friends of the brand with music for different moods. We strongly believe that music is life. Music can transport us to certain feelings, memories, and moments in time.
  • The Last Recipes: Made by collaborators and friends. Food connects us all. Cultures, stories and memories.  A smell, a taste, a family recipe, a curiosity, an imagination… every recipe in the kitchen deserves to be shared.
  • The Last Places: Cities, restaurants, galleries and all the special places that the founder and guests of the brand encounter along the way and inspire the philosophy of The Last.
  • Inside The Last: Part of the creation process of each collection, the day-to-day work of the team and the history of the artisans with whom they collaborate. The most transparent side of the brand.


4. How is your creative process?

The first step is to find the inspiration and then the fabrics. Once I get to touch and feel the fabrics, I can imagine the dress or the piece immediately.

For the Main Collection, I work together with my team in our small workshop in Lima to create the samples. Then, I start wearing them to get the feeling and testing if the fit is perfect before going to production.

For the #SpecialMagicPieces, I create the pieces with local artisans respecting all their handcrafted work.


5. Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

My mother. She always told me to work for myself and look for happiness in everything I do.


6. What motivates you every day?

My life, my projects, my brand. I really feel blessed and grateful for everything I have.


7. What is your favourite place in the world?

ASIA, amazing continent. Specially Hong Kong and Shanghai.


8. Can you tell us the next goal you want to achieve?

I want to keep growing as a Creative Consultant. And to position The Last in the US J


9. What are you currently fascinated by?

Local markets around the world. Every time I travel, I try to go to a market to feel the “real” part of the place. It’s where I mostly find the inspiration for my collections.


Discover our selection of The Last HERE. 

January 28, 2022