C.R.T.D started in 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal, with the purpose of bringing Kenya’s best kept secrets: thin fabric clothes, artisanal accessories and Kikoy beach towels.

All products are hand made in Kenya by a small family-owned factory.

Since then, the brand has been selling directly to customers in more than 40 countries.


C.R.T.D. is all about enjoying every moment with freedom and bliss. All pieces are genderless, versatile and can be used on every occasion, place and season. No matter if you are going to the beach or for dinner out, there is always a C.R.T.D. piece that can give your outfit that extra push of coolness and joy.


This year, with The Kenya Collection IV, C.R.T.D. kept the soul of the brand while adding extra inspiration to its fabrics with new colours and patterns.


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Stay Wild!



June 28, 2021