Welcome to Hangouts Session 05 with Katya Maia!

Originally from Moscow, Katya has been living in Lisbon since 2020, following an 11-year stint in Macau and Hong Kong.

In 2021, she embarked on founding the Lisbon Women’s Club, a dynamic social and professional networking initiative aimed at fostering connections, collaboration, and empowerment among women in Lisbon. Additionally, serving as an Ambassador for the independent magazine, Lisbon Insiders, Katya passionately champions the vibrant essence of Lisbon by curating a selection of hidden gems, new culinary delights, and insider insights on the city's vibrant scene. 

Katya is all about diving into arts, culture, and design, believing they can really shake things up worldwide.


Katya is wearing Perigo Graphic Print jacket and trousers, 90CIG sunglasses and Shinkokyu sneakers.


HOC: Describe a typical day in your life:

Katya: Wake up early at 6:30am, and enjoy my morning coffee (Copenhagen Coffee Lab espresso roast at home) while tuning into my day’s to-do list at my desk. Followed by moving my body with barre at Amplify or yoga at Baraza. Lunch is reserved for a home-prepped salad bowl or an occasional lunch catch-up with friends at Magnolia, Kefi Greek Bistro, or Honest Greens. Afternoons are for meetings (love Buna Coffee & People), more desk work, or running errands. An evening might take me to a gallery opening or dinner with friends in a vibey place with honest food and service.


HOC: What are you currently fascinated by?

Katya: The endless creative power of design - architecture, artisanal products, lighting, and experiences. Design, at large, can be so artistic, detailed, abstract, brilliant, and inspiring.


HOC: Can you share your guilty pleasure?

Katya: Scramblesants at La Boulangerie - an absolutely pornographic combination of a perfectly buttery croissant with scrambled eggs, salmon, and chives.


HOC: How do you describe your personal style?

Katya: Cool, elegant with a touch of carelessness.


HOC: Name three must-have items in your wardrobe:

Katya: C.R.T.D thin cotton summer-print set, Birkenstock, and a cross-body handbag.

HOC: You're the founder of Lisbon Women's Club, can you tell us a bit more about it and its mission?

Katya: Lisbon Women’s Club, my passion project, was born in 2021 when I realized I knew so many outstanding women in Lisbon, yet most of them didn’t know each other. Thus, I started organizing events where they could meet and connect. Fast forward, the LWC is now an ever-growing network of women who exchange ideas, inspire each other, launch collaborations, or become friends.


HOC: What inspired you to create the Lisbon Women's Club?

Katya: Women of Lisbon and beyond. Driven, smart, kind, funny, and beautiful inside out.


HOC: As a foreigner in Lisbon, what challenges did you face in initiating this project?

Katya: Running the business legally is a costly affair, involving taxes, accounting, and everything else it entails. Community building is not inherently profitable, so one must be clear about whether they are launching a business or a passion project.


HOC: How does the Lisbon Women's Club support and empower women in the community?

Katya: By providing a safe space for women to come together and shining a spotlight on their best selves.

HOC: What are your goals for this year? (professionally and personally)

Katya: Uff, since my move to Lisbon from Hong Kong four years ago, I have had to completely re-envision myself and how I set goals. Life has proved to be a vortex of events, happenings, and constant changes, and my main goals are to stay well, balanced, grounded, always inspired, and true to myself. Professionally, I want to continue growing Lisbon Women’s Club and bring a meaningful impact to the world of arts, culture, and design.


HOC: As you know, at HOC, we only have small and independent designers/brands. Are there any emerging designers or brands that you are keeping an eye on?

Katya: After living in very fashion-driven Asia for 12 years, I became very calm about all things fashion. I don’t seek it out but am always open to encounters with emerging designers or brands that are introduced by style curators like House of Curated or my friends.


You can follow Katya (@katya_maia) and Lisbon Women's Club (@lisbonwomensclub) on Instagram.

All photos and videos were shot by Tiago Pestana. Follow him on Instagram @tiagobpestana.

Stay tuned for more hangouts with very special guests soon.

March 21, 2024