This week, we were hanging out with João Rebelo, or Rebel/Belo to friends (though he dislikes these nicknames), a 27-year-old Lisbon native whose life revolves around riding horses, painting, and capturing moments with his camera.

A nonconformist by nature, João has explored various career paths with the support and creative stimulation provided by his parents since a very young age. 

Nowadays, he identifies as an artist rather than just a content creator and has made the bold choice of living off his creativity, reflecting his diverse experiences and shaping the person he has become.


João is wearing The Harvey Hat in Mint, The Silted Company Corduroy Overshirt and Honker Blossom Trousers, Ivory T-shirt and Shinkokyu Sneakers

HOC: Describe a typical day in your life:

João: I still don't know how to answer that, because I don’t feel like I’m on a journey towards anything in specific. It's all about doing what I want to do, having a project I want to work on and seeing how I can navigate through completing that. But my days start always with super loud music, I’m not a chill morning guy. I love to wake up ready to prioritize my body and mind with a good strength workout and a stupid dance while I do my oatmeal (fun fact: I don’t live without one oatmeal a day!).  Currently, I’m focused on creating fashion/lifestyle content for my social media channels and brands, always with a touch of originality. So every day I try to immerse myself in the challenge of creating something different and try to show that to the world.


HOC: What are you currently fascinated by?

João: Supplements and books. I’m addicted to the benefits that supplementation can give us, if you know you know. Regarding books, I've started reading "The Creative Act: A Way of Being" by Rick Rubin who says that creativity has a place in everyone's life, and everyone can make that place larger. Never been a book boy but I think I’m turning into one.


HOC: Can you share your guilty pleasure?

João: I love to take cold showers.


HOC: How do you describe your personal style?

João: I feel like you can't necessarily control or describe the rhythms of your style, during the last years I've changed so much. You kind of just have to go through it, and the creative practice of dressing is just getting out in the field and actually wearing whatever makes you feel comfortable, trying to figure out how do you find your personal style is the fun part.


HOC: If you could raid any celebrity closet, who would it be?

João: Justin Bieber and Evan Mock 100%. But I would love to have Steven Kelly gym clothes too.


HOC: Name three must-have items in your wardrobe:

João: White tank top, old vintage 501 Levi’s, and a pair of YSL black boots.

HOC: As an Influencer/content creator, where do you get your inspiration from?

João: It will sound a little bit cliche but the answer is: in everything. My friends always say that I see coolness where no one can see it. I’m always paying attention to how everyone is dressed, how they talk, different personalities and dreams. The decor of places, the food. My secret formula is: you need to take time to only consume art in every form (scrolling on my phone or walking around) and unconsciously, trust me, you will use that information!


HOC: What is the best compliment you ever got?

João: “You are unique"
It’s really important to understand that you are given one body and one soul. I took time to understand what individuality means to me, and having someone noticing that I have something unique to offer to this world, makes my day. If you're too focused on the things you don't have rather than the gift of individuality, you'll never be confident. If you are reading this, please love yourself and everything you offer first.


HOC: From all the social media platforms what's your favourite and why?

João: Tumblr and Instagram forever. Tumblr for all the references that I can take from it and Instagram because it changed my life, thanks to this platform I had so many opportunities that I would have never imagined. And comparing to TikTok, I think it is “healthier” cause I can filter what I see.


HOC: What are your goals for this year? (professional and personally)

João: Another question that I don’t have a proper answer to. But professionally I would say, I just want to create my own path, doing something I’ve never done before... that sounds good to me for now. Personally I just don’t want to let the crazy young João that lives inside of me disappear, keep alive that desire of living in the funniest way and on the edge all the time.


HOC: As you know, at HOC we only have small and independent designers/brands. Are there any emerging designers or brands that you are keeping an eye on?

João: Elwood Clothing, Phipps, and King & Tuckfield have my eye on them!


You can follow João (@joaomrebelo) on Instagram.

All photos and videos were shot by Tiago Pestana. Follow him on Instagram @tiagobpestana.

Stay tuned for more hangouts with very special guests soon.

February 29, 2024