Welcome to our House of Curated Hangouts session 08!

We’re excited to introduce Tomás Blades, the effortlessly cool co-owner of Da Noi, one of Lisbon’s hippest restaurants. Tomás isn’t just a restaurateur; he’s a trendsetter in Lisbon's F&B scene.

Join us in getting to know Tomás and his unique take on the evolving culinary landscape as he is about to open his second restaurant. 


Tomás is wearing The Silted Company t-shirt and linen black trousers and Beatriz Jardinha necklace

HOC: Describe a typical day in your life:

Tomás: Well, this has changed a lot recently, I have been always an active person but some weeks ago I signed up for IronMan 70.3 Cascais and so my routine now basically consists in training and working.

I wake up around 6.30, go for a bike ride, to the gym or for a run, then around 10am I eat something at home and go to Buna for coffee. After, I go to the office to check my emails and all daily reports for Da Noi.

At lunch time I go swimming and then back to the office to try and take a more creative approach and do a lot of research, specially now with a new project coming up.

I usually pop by the construction of the new spot before heading to Da Noi to check if everything is in order for service, have dinner with the staff and spend the rest of the evening hanging out there and making sure everyone is happy and having a good time!


HOC: What are you currently fascinated by?

Tomás: As I mentioned before, the IronMan is catching my eye a lot recently, but if you take a look at the magnifying glass button on myIG fashion and food take a big part too.


HOC: Can you share your guilty pleasure?

Tomás: Cornflakes, bacon, fried eggs and ketchup, sorry!!!


HOC: How do you describe your personal style?

Tomás: Relaxed, Black, Timeless.


HOC: Name three must-have items in your wardrobe:

Tomás: A leather jacket, a pair of Levi's 501 and a good pair of shoes.



HOC: Da Noi is undoubtedly a top choice in Lisbon and a place loved by locals and tourists. How did you envision it when you first started, and how has that vision evolved?

Tomás: We wanted to make a place for friends with food we like to eat in a cozy and relaxed environment.

I believe the fact that we spend a lot of time there and we put a lot of effort in making sure everyone is having a good time has played a very important part in it.

We always describe Da Noi as our house to welcome friends and at the end it is that: when you host friends at your place you also put a lot of effort in making everything look nice, ensuring people enjoy the food and you feel very flattered when they compliment you about it.


HOC: Can you describe Da Noi in 3 words?

Tomás: Edgy but cool, unpretentious, trendy but meaningful


HOC: We know that you have a new restaurant opening soon. Can you share some details about your upcoming project? 

Tomás: Simple food in a elegant atmosphere where every dish is touched by the fire.


HOC: How do you see your new restaurant fitting into the culinary landscape of Lisbon?

Tomás: It is a very different approach from what other people are doing. We believe that GOOD FOOD should be simple but take time to produce.


HOC: Are there any recent innovations or trends in the restaurant industry that have particularly inspired you? 

Tomás: The London food scene is actually pumping at the moment, there are a lot of fire restaurants, I've been there 3 time this year. And Paris is always a must and a forever inspo for us: timeless and classic.




HOC: What goals are you looking forward to achieving? (professional and personally)

Tomás: Completing the IronMan 70.3 is a big goal atm. Professionally, I would love to have a coffee shop as I am a bit of a coffee nerd.


HOC: As you know, at HOC we only have small and independent designers/brands. Are there any emerging designers or brands that you are keeping an eye on?

Tomás: Some yes! Handle With Freedom that you guys sell at HOC is one of them (love my new T-shirt, btw). Artisanalone is super cool, Kapital Japan and UVU for running gear.


You can follow Tomás (@youthstamp) and Da Noi (@danoi.lisboa) on Instagram.

All photos and videos were shot by Tiago Pestana. Follow him on Instagram @tiagobpestana.

Stay tuned for more hangouts with very special guests soon.

June 13, 2024