We are thrilled to introduce the "House of Curated Hangouts," an exclusive space where we invite cool people who not only inspire us but are also regulars at our House to join us for engaging conversations and the opportunity to explore their favorite styles in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere.

Our first guest is Catarina Pereira, a 26 year old digital influencer living in Lisbon. Catarina's got this cool and classy vibe, just the right mix of chic and a hint of sexy. We had a blast hanging out with her at our store and asked her some questions about her life, both personal and professional.


Catarina is wearing an electric blue Huarte cropped jacket, Lucha Rixo denim trousers and Shinkokyu Lighty Essential trainers.


HOC: What are you currently fascinated by?

Catarina It’s been a forever obsession but I would say skincare. I love taking care of my skin and knowing everything about it. It makes me feel like I’m somewhat in control of my own destiny.


HOC: Can you share your guilty pleasure?

Catarina: Watching reality tv shows and eating chocolate.


HOC: How do you describe your personal style?

Catarina: I would describe my personal style as “less is more.” That's something I've always subscribed to. I like having a few timeless capsule pieces that I can mix and match in an effortless but thoughtful way. For me, it's always quality over quantity. 


HOC: If you could raid any celebrity closet, who would it be? 

Catarina: I love Bella Hadid style, she’s so cool. 


HOC: Name three must-have items in your wardrobe:

Catarina: A white T-shirt , a nice pair of jeans and a structured oversized blazer. 


HOC: As an Influencer/Content Creator, where do you get your inspiration from?

Catarina: I’m a very observant person so I’m always searching for inspiration everywhere - in movies, people I see on the streets, social media, magazines, etc.


HOC: From all the social media platforms, which one is your favourite and why?

Catarina: I’m currently obsessed with tik tok, because the algorithm is very good to give you the content you like.

And of course Instagram, because I find it to be a great source of inspiration and a fantastic way of networking and connecting with people from all over the globe who you’d never have the chance to meet otherwise. 


HOC: What are your goals for this year? (professional and personally)

Catarina: This year I’m definitely focused on my career, I have a very special project coming out in the next months. And personally, I wanna take my drivers license, this is a fun fact about me. Never felt the need to take it because I live in Lisbon where everything is near and I love to walk. But that is something I want to change this year.


HOC: As you know, at HOC we curate only upcoming and independent designers/brands. Are there any emerging designers or brands that you are keeping an eye on?

Catarina: JCPajares, I love how he creates classy and feminine pieces that embrace women’s body. And Mirror Palais, I love the medieval inspired style, the femininity of the pieces, and also their content.


You can follow Catarina on Instagram @catarinanpereira.

Stay tuned for more hangouts with very special guests soon.


All photos and videos were shot by Tiago Pestana. Follow him on Instagram @tiagobpestana.

January 11, 2024