Lisbon Insiders Guide 1st Edition


Lisbon Insiders Guide 1st Edition. There are three different covers that will be randomly assigned to each order. 

"Lisbon Insiders is an independent magazine that celebrates the beauty and authenticity of Lisbon. The first edition of Lisbon Insiders is an ode to places, projects and people with vision and heart, through this magazine/guide you will discover the food scene through a different perspective. We shed light on smaller players and celebrate the hottest spots and freshest openings in the beautiful city of Lisbon.

Our guide section highlights an array of bakeries, restaurants, rooftops, natural wine bars and more that each offer something special through a dedication to their craft.

Our magazine section includes interviews and conversations with Insiders, artist, and restaurateurs. This first Issue is full of emotive experiences, inspirational stories, and stunning design."

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