• Earth Synthetic Suede Yoga Mat in yellow and green shades. Eloah Yoga is a Portuguese project founded by the forces of love, serenity and overcoming that produces high quality and eco-friendly yoga mats and clothing to help yogis feel the energy flow.  
  • Suede Yoga Mat
    Beautiful printed mats made of microfber suede and natural rubber, a unique technology using anti-skid macro-molecules. The suede finish provides a soft feel and allows for absorption of liquids. It is lightweight, thin, flexible and can be used for different yoga poses.

  • Easy-Clean and Portable
    This yoga mat is washable and dries easily, the color doesn't fade and the shape doesn't change

  • Measures: 183cm x 61xm x 0.4cm

  • ECO Synthetic Suede & Natural Rubber / Made in Portugal
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