• No Means No hoodie in ecru. Ivory is a 100% sustainable brand born out of the 2020 global pandemic with the goal of supporting social and environmental causes by donating a percentage of their profits to certified NGOs. All the extra money is put into creating awareness campaigns to spread love and kindness and be an international reference in battling against mental health issues.  
  • 10% of the profits are donated to fight against gender inequality through UN WOMEN.
  • 100% Organic cotton / Made in Portugal
  • Unisex. 
  • Since its beginning, Ivory World has been creating a big community focused on emotional support and mental health. To ensure all messages spread and received within the community are dealt in the correct and professional manner, Ivory works with psychologists that are available via Instagram and WhatsApp. 
  • This item won’t be included in any sale or promotions as it reverts to social and/or environmental causes
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